Saturday, July 29, 2006

Letter to Lisa


Hey girl! It’s me AGAIN! Mom said you were getting sad you didn’t get any letters. Please remember I didn’t have your addy when I got your first letter. And AS SOON as I got your address I sent you a package… it just happened to be a weekend night, so it didn’t go out until a Monday. And then I wrote you aagain. And that same day I got your second letter. So I’m not not writing you! I LOVEEE AND MISS YOU!! I write every time I get the chance. I LOVE getting letters from you! I hope you LOVE getting my letters. They HAVE to be better than Moms! Haha. Just kiddin’. Me and mom always read the letters we get from you to eachother. It was funny. I sent your package (with other stuff you didn’t ask for in it) and a few day later mom got a letter from you saying you needed some things… haha but I had already thought of it and sent them to you! It’s Like I can READ YOU MIND. Haha (the Q-tips, and hair rubber bands, colored pens) lol. I got your computer. After I finish up this letter I’m going to send the pics to Brian and Sara. Do you like all my FUN fonts? I keep downloading them just for you!I love all the neato ones they have out there. Like all my colored envelopes!? Sweet. I figured I would spend the extra money for a little pizzazz. And you would know immediately they were from me! I sent your some “face cream” have you gotten it yet? It smells really good. You should try it out as soon as you get it. I hope you get it!! I had a FOOD ALLERGY class today for my daycare/babysitting job. It was SOOOO boring. And it lasted 3 ½ hours! YIKES! Did you know my car was leaking o the inside passenger floor!? I just took it in to get fixed today. It’s going to cost $118 and they have to order the part. So I’m PRAYING for no rain until then. My car smells like a dirty gym sock. Well I better get to bed. I have to meet dad for an IHOP breakfast and then I have a GOLF lesson at 11! I LVE GOLFFFFFFF! I wish I had $ for clubs!


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