Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Start Here.

Hello. I have officially joined the world of blogging. I never thought I would do it, but here I am.

This isn't meant to entertain you. Why? Because its MY thoughts and MY memories. Things I would like to note. But if you enjoy it, I will not stop you from reading about my life. I feel that so much is going on that I need to write it down. Just not in a journal.... Because, well, there is no spell check. Also I think the comment feature is quite awesome. Try to piss me off, just try. Haha. Just jokin', but I do like input.

Well lets see.... I could just fill out another survey so you can know ALL about me. But that's boring... And I'm getting sick of Myspace.

So let me put it in my own words.

I'm Erika. I'm 21. I go to the University of Cincinnati. I have an associate degree in Criminal Justice. I'm starting out at main campus this year entering the CJ program as a junior. I WANT to be a Park Ranger. That is an actual police officer, same training and everything. Tons of people go out for those types of jobs, so I may end up being a regular police officer in some small town until I get a Ranger job - LIKE Loveland, but most likely not Loveland. Loveland is where I grew up, for those of you who don't know. Eventually I would like to move on to the FBI and work in Narcotics. (Oh yeah, I start the police academy in January so I'm scrambling to get my fat ass in shape)

I've picked up the game of golf lately. Well not all the way yet. I started working at Meadow Links and Golf Academy in March. Golf is something I've always wanted to try/do. So I figured what the heck, I might as well give it a go since I AM working here. I've had 2 lessons so far, and have impressed myself. I can hit and aim pretty well for a beginner. I Haven't been on the actual course, but hopefully soon. I hear there is an employee scramble coming up. Heck yeah. I want to kick ass.....but it is unlikely. Haha.

So I work at a golf course.... and I also "baby-sit". I help a woman in mason 5 days a week with her in-home childcare. I love it. I play with kids all day and make big $. I also will be starting a CA job here soon. It’s kind of like an RA job, but in off campus housing. I do have to say I don’t like living here.... I think it’s just because I have had my own place - and now I share a restroom again. Ew. Only with four other people so it’s not too bad. And actually I have it to my self because the others are gone for the summer. Thank god I have my own room though. However I describe it as a closet to most.... but I taking/doing the job because....FREE RENT. And I'm BROKE :-( …and it could be fun ?

I just got back froma family reunion in TX....

And visiting my mom in CA...


Just got back from the driving range with Steph and her man Sam.

It was fun, and I sucked at hitting tonight! hahaha



  1. Wow.. you should see my first SHORT post! LOL

  2. Beats my first post! Soon be your six month anniversary?

    Did you keep up the golf? I've been playing 18 years now....I'm so old.

  3. What happened to the police thing? Did you ever do or change course? 21 was young to be a cop so if you didn't make it then, don't give up. I am one in Florida btw. Guess us criminal justice majors all like the same types of things, hiking, photography, geocaching, postcrossing, etc......

  4. I want to be a park I did ride alongs at a county park I used to work at a loved it.... I'm just not inshape enough for the physical test :-/

    I took a borderpatrol test when I moved here, 99 on the test.... but couldn't do a single pushup! lol

    So right now - I'm just trying to find ANY job!