Friday, August 25, 2006


I'm am to lazy to ever really write in here. Okay, maybe not lazy... just too busy. I started my CA (Community Assistant) job on Thursday. Basically I just chill at the desk and answer the phone and unlock doors for those who have unlocked themselves. So exciting. Ha. Oh well, I can't complain. Free rent... and a BIGGER room (hopefully in the next couple weeks).

What else...

Alot of people have gone back to school already... I cannot wait to start. Weird I know. But for me school is a break from work. Ha. Yeah I will probably be working just as much maybe more. :-/

I am so broke. Just thought I would share that with all of you.

P.S. Mom (yes I let my mother read my blog), I think i might have lost that 20$ check. I will keep you posted.

Hmmm. I kicked @SS at our employee scramble. Well our team did tie for last. but I played VERY well considering my beginner status. PGA WATCH OUT. Haha. Seriously though, I think golf has become my new obsession. I go to the driving range whenever I can fit it in. Great stress release... and hitting 80 balls really makes ya sweat. I want clubs badly. I think I can get some pretty sweet discounts from work... so I will need to look into it when I have money. Which will be never.

I've been back on Amazon. I'm working on a Christmas/Birthday wish list ALREADY. It’s my FAVORITE time of year. I already know what I'm getting my mom & dan (her husband) for x-mas (yeah its expensive enough to combine) haha. Bet you can’t guess mom!!! ;-)

I will put my wish link up later



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