Tuesday, September 12, 2006


So I had a hair appointment for last Saturday... it got canceled because my hairdresser was going into labor. Fair enough. But I really wanted my hair done... so today I tried to color it myself. Bad idea. I mean I've done it before and it hasn't turned out too bad... but I was always making it dark brown... and I was going for a middle shade this time. Anywhoo, its not green or purple or anything. I just don't like the color. I guess I will go a little bit darker with it... it is fall, and winter is right around the corner. O well.

On another note. I know i have written about this a lot, but I GET TO SEE LISA ON THURSDAY! I am so excited. And its weird that I am. We just use to never be so close. But this last quarter she had come to stay with me (yes, in that TINY room) a lot, so we hung out a ton more... and then she was GONE :-( ... I wrote her a ton of letter while she was at basic training, I think she like them (especially because I snuck her candy, chocolate, among other things she wasn't aloud to have but got. haha. I can't believe i sent that stuff to her! haha. But yeah, I get to see her, and hang out... just for a little bit... but it will be good!

Let see... what else is new? I forget what I write about, but the whole CA training has started. I think it will be pretty fun (for a job anyway), and very easy. There are a lot of other new CA's too... and they all seem pretty cool.... I GET TO MISS 3 DAYS of Training ! Yey. (its not THAT exciting).

Hmmm. School starts.. in ONE WEEK! Yikes! I realllly need to go buy my books, i keep forgetting.

Well, i better finish up packing an nap. I'm leaving at 4 AM!

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