Sunday, September 24, 2006


This is a really disorganized entry.

So far its 14 to 7. GO BENGALS. They have to beat the Steelers.

Crap there was just a fire Alarm. The SECOND one this weekend. SO annoying. Hopefully people will realize how annoying it is and be a little more careful next time when they decided to pop/burn popcorn.

So now its 14-10 Bengals over the Steelers. Crap. They better win.


I finally have Lisa's new mailing address.

Pvt. Swan, Lisa
A-CO, 3d Bn, 1st SWTG(A)
USAJFKSWC Class 06-06
Bldg 3004 Ardennes, Stop B
Ft. Bragg, NC 28310


I'm currently writing a letter. And because I don't want to re-write what has been going on.. I will share SOME of the letter....


OMG its THURSDAY and mom JUST gave me your address. We were talking and she was like, yeah I’m going to write Lisa a letter tonight… and I was like… well how, you don’t have her address…. And she’s like yes I do. Arg. So then we realized she gave it to everyone else but me, I guess she thought I already had it? So like yeah and like I said like like in that a like bunch.


It is now SATURDAY! Yesterday there was a Sister Hazel/Blessed Union of Souls/Patrick Thomas concert on campus. However when we got there it was canceled because of lightning. So we went and watched The Dav. Code on campus instead. So what we planned to be a fun night… turned out rather BORING! Blah.

Last night around 2 am, when I had JUST fallen asleep I woke up to the loud ass fire alarm. So we all had to go stand in the rain for about 30 min. Great fun. I don’t know really what happened, but it was on my floor and I think someone might have sprayed the extinguisher. Who knows?

Work sucked today. Its raining and really crappy outside. So not a lot of people came in.

Let’s see…. Oh on Thursday I worked my first “real” shift. I had to do a lock out at like 1:30am. Not too bad… I was awake at least.

Hmmm. I’ve now met all my suitemates. They all seem pretty nice.

What else…. Oh apparently last night naked people were slip-in sliding in the rain. Ew. But I didn’t see it.

Classes started… The two classes I’m really looking forward to are…. Police Interviewing and Police Photography. Neato.

Oh. Here are some pics of my room

They are both from opposite corners of the room. I used a program that meshes pics together so it may look different colors and blurred in some spots….

…Well, It’s Saturday night so mail won’t go out until Monday… I think I will keep this document open on my computer and add more tomorrow and send it on Monday!

It is now SUNDAY!! Last night I went to Larosa’s with Jessica. She was back in town from Butler. I had Spaghetti w/ meat sauce. It was yum. Then we saw The Last Kiss… it was alright.......
....I'm STILL writing the rest.....

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