Sunday, September 24, 2006

**Update on States Visites**

Its now 27 rather than 25 ;-)

Put an [X] by the states in the U.S. that you have visited.

[] Alabama
[] Alaska
[X] Arizona
[X] Arkansas
[X] Colorado
[] Connecticut
[] Delaware
[X] Florida
[X] Georgia
[] Hawaii
[X] Idaho
[X] Illinois
[X] Indiana
[X] Iowa
[] Kansas
[X] Kentucky
[] Louisiana
[X] Maine
[] Maryland
[] Massachusetts
[X] Michigan
[] Minnesota
[] Mississippi
[] Missouri
[] Montana
[X] Nebraska
[X] Nevada
[] New Hampshire
[X] New Jersey
[X] New Mexico
[X] New York
[X] North Carolina
[] North Dakota
[X] Ohio
[X] Oklahoma
[] Oregon
[] Pennsylvania
[] Rhode Island
[X] South Carolina
[] South Dakota
[X] Tennesee
[X] Texas
[X] Utah
[] Vermont
[] Virginia
[] Washington
[] West Virginia

Yeah driving across the Country and back (different ways)

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  1. OK, so now wait. Is this a template or did you put a jpg in your html?

    Can you take a good pic of your quilt I made you? I don't have any, I can't believe it!
    Yeah, yeah, give me a pic and I'll brag about YOU next. Be prepared to be embarassed, mooohahaha!