Sunday, September 10, 2006


So this is one view of my room.... I used a neat program that puts multiple pics together to make one big one... so that's why its fuzzy and "bent" in some spots... but very cool! I would say it is an UPGRADE all the way!

**CLICK ON PICS TO SEE THEM BIGGER** ...but for some reason it only works on the first one...

I'm still not done moving stuff from the other room... but I'm ALMOST done. It is taking.........

f o r e v e r.

Man I just can't get over all that FLOOR SPACE!

Okay... i need to give you the view from the other side... though it isn't too exciting...

Okay... Well off to BED! We start CA training in the AM.... only 2 more days the SC to see LISA!! I'm so EXCITED!

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