Thursday, October 26, 2006

Silly Erika - Trips are for Kids!

You know how when you walk down the stairs and you think you have reached the end - until you take another step and realize "oops there was one more step" right before your ass hits the ground?

I did that tonight. Except there were 4 steps I missed. I heard a pop and experienced some horrible pain - so I'm thinking - well I have never broken any thing, this must be it. or maybe i fractured something. Maybe I just pulled a muscle? AH it hurts. It hurt mid lower leg and my ankle as well. So I called my mother in tears - 'cause what else would I do? Haha. She talked me into calling the doctor to see if he recommended going to the Hospital for X-rays. He said go.

I didn't want to. So I waited until after work and went JUST in CASE. because god forbid I really DID do something and it heals wrong, and is fOcked up for good. So I went. Thinking something was wrong. Maybe not a break but something.

Well there was something.



Whooptie-doo. (how the HECK do u spell that?)

I feel like such a baby. Complaining so much for a sprain.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


...Our lovely creations...
Tiffany's Owl!

My Skull!

Melinda's Panda!

.......I did not remember pumkin carving being as hard as it was. lol.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pick the FALSE statement

Pick the following FALSE statement and COMMENT on which one you think it is. You can comment if you are not a blogger user. Just select "Other" or "Anonymous".

Bumps and bruises:

When I was little I got my leg stuck in the spokes of a spinning bike tire - went to the hospital and still have scars on my ankle/foot.

I cracked my ribs during a soccer game and played the rest of it.

I had mono.

My sister shut my hand in the van SLIDING DOOR.

My sister had a Halloween party and I was eating the marshmallow goo of the end of a sharpened stick and someone bumped me. I went to the hospital with a tea bag in my mouth( it stops the bleeding) and to this day I still have a scar on the roof of my mouth.

I like to sled. In fact one time I kept on sledding. Right into the creek. I cracked the ice - got wet and cold and broke my arm.

Once I lost all control of my head and bumped it on the table.

Just this past year I was cutting and apple, sitting in my bed holding it. I cut more than the apple. See pictures HERE.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Door sign

Door sign.... is it stupid? Please comment.

Taken from.... HERE

...the new mascot coming out...

Monday, October 9, 2006

What to write what to write.

Not to much happened this weekend.

I Worked like usual. At Meadowlinks an old guy tripped over a bag stand on the Tee Line and cut his head. I got to call 911. Very exciting. Oh yeah and a kid got himself locked in the bathroom. It must have been the after effects of the full moon which occurred on October 6th.

Speaking of the full moon. It was very bright. Sadly and strangely weird things happen on full moons. Always. This was no exception. "Get Wells" have been said.

A moment ago a football hit my window. no breakage though. Just ANNOYING. That comes with living at/in Stratford Heights. Thought u must know. And as I look out my window some looser is hitting the beer bong on the front porch of the nearest frat.

Thursday, October 5, 2006


So when I did it again... with a different pic.... these are the ones that were the same as last time...

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Okay, this is SO fun.

Who do u think I look like the most?

Go here to get yours!

It Smells

Is it weird that every morning (MWF) on my way to work in Mason I smell chicken noodle soup? It's in the same spot on 71N every time. So me being me I did a Google search... but nothing turned up. Is there a factory or a big restaurant or something that has chicken noodle soup brewing every morning at 7am? It's really frustrating me that I can't figure it out.

Speaking of smells. I hate how the popcorn smell drifts into my room every night. It appears that popcorn is an every night kind of thing around here. It smells good at first, but then gets sickening.

Talls Stacks
is going on in Cincinnati right now.

So fun stuff in the news:
Paris Vs Travis Barkers X-wife
Beem me up Scotty
Please get a life!

Well, boring I know - But that’s all I have. I must get my BEAUTY SLEEP!

….If u don’t ever leave comments you should! Please.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006


Wow. I am up WAY to late tonight and I have to work at 7:30! Thats what I get for drinking that Mountain Dew.

Senior Netizens

I can braid. who knew.

I can fish bone braid.... just learned today!

...but it looks ALOT like a normal braid. haha.

Sunday, October 1, 2006


This is much too familiar.

R.I.P. Cheerio. (my hampster from the 5th grade)