Wednesday, October 4, 2006

It Smells

Is it weird that every morning (MWF) on my way to work in Mason I smell chicken noodle soup? It's in the same spot on 71N every time. So me being me I did a Google search... but nothing turned up. Is there a factory or a big restaurant or something that has chicken noodle soup brewing every morning at 7am? It's really frustrating me that I can't figure it out.

Speaking of smells. I hate how the popcorn smell drifts into my room every night. It appears that popcorn is an every night kind of thing around here. It smells good at first, but then gets sickening.

Talls Stacks
is going on in Cincinnati right now.

So fun stuff in the news:
Paris Vs Travis Barkers X-wife
Beem me up Scotty
Please get a life!

Well, boring I know - But that’s all I have. I must get my BEAUTY SLEEP!

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  1. So I found out that smell was a hospital. lol. and it IS Chicken noodle soup.