Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pick the FALSE statement

Pick the following FALSE statement and COMMENT on which one you think it is. You can comment if you are not a blogger user. Just select "Other" or "Anonymous".

Bumps and bruises:

When I was little I got my leg stuck in the spokes of a spinning bike tire - went to the hospital and still have scars on my ankle/foot.

I cracked my ribs during a soccer game and played the rest of it.

I had mono.

My sister shut my hand in the van SLIDING DOOR.

My sister had a Halloween party and I was eating the marshmallow goo of the end of a sharpened stick and someone bumped me. I went to the hospital with a tea bag in my mouth( it stops the bleeding) and to this day I still have a scar on the roof of my mouth.

I like to sled. In fact one time I kept on sledding. Right into the creek. I cracked the ice - got wet and cold and broke my arm.

Once I lost all control of my head and bumped it on the table.

Just this past year I was cutting and apple, sitting in my bed holding it. I cut more than the apple. See pictures HERE.


  1. i think its the sled one because i remember u talking about all of the other events and us comparing our battle wounds one day. I dont remember the broken arm- actually I know its that one bc u havent broken anything....... maybe,.. i could be wrong haha - this is like guessing when eachothers b-days are! haha

  2. OMG, I'm torn between 2, hahahahaha!

    I KNOW you didn't break your arm, #1 did enough breaking for all.

    I DON'T REMEMBER you having cracked ribs.

    Shouldn't a mother know?

    Yes Ma'am I'll update my blog, sometimes my life is just SO mundane! PS..My ticker tells me EVERYTHING!

  3. you guys are good. never borke my arm... but i have ended up in a creek or two!