Thursday, October 26, 2006

Silly Erika - Trips are for Kids!

You know how when you walk down the stairs and you think you have reached the end - until you take another step and realize "oops there was one more step" right before your ass hits the ground?

I did that tonight. Except there were 4 steps I missed. I heard a pop and experienced some horrible pain - so I'm thinking - well I have never broken any thing, this must be it. or maybe i fractured something. Maybe I just pulled a muscle? AH it hurts. It hurt mid lower leg and my ankle as well. So I called my mother in tears - 'cause what else would I do? Haha. She talked me into calling the doctor to see if he recommended going to the Hospital for X-rays. He said go.

I didn't want to. So I waited until after work and went JUST in CASE. because god forbid I really DID do something and it heals wrong, and is fOcked up for good. So I went. Thinking something was wrong. Maybe not a break but something.

Well there was something.



Whooptie-doo. (how the HECK do u spell that?)

I feel like such a baby. Complaining so much for a sprain.

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