Monday, October 9, 2006

What to write what to write.

Not to much happened this weekend.

I Worked like usual. At Meadowlinks an old guy tripped over a bag stand on the Tee Line and cut his head. I got to call 911. Very exciting. Oh yeah and a kid got himself locked in the bathroom. It must have been the after effects of the full moon which occurred on October 6th.

Speaking of the full moon. It was very bright. Sadly and strangely weird things happen on full moons. Always. This was no exception. "Get Wells" have been said.

A moment ago a football hit my window. no breakage though. Just ANNOYING. That comes with living at/in Stratford Heights. Thought u must know. And as I look out my window some looser is hitting the beer bong on the front porch of the nearest frat.

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