Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Getting it Done

It's a miracle. I finally did that HUGE stack of dishes. Doing the dishes is by far my most hated "house" chore.

My most liked you ask? That would have to be... Vacuuming. When you're at that stage it's all pretty much done. Plus you get to make fun carpet patterns with the vac.

What are some house chores you detest? The ones you love, if any. Or maybe I should say the ones that you can tolerate.


  1. Yep.. the vacuum means the same thing for me!

  2. I destest ironing, probably due to years of ironing shirts every weekday evening.

  3. I used to hate doing the washing up. Now, we've got a dishwasher, and I hate filling it. I get the feeling that if we started eating off paper plates, I'd resent putting them in the bin.

    Hmm, changing the sheets on the bed is the best-not so much the doing, as sliding in between crisp sheets afterwards....

  4. as strange as it might sound, i think i like the clean look after im done cleaning my cooking range. dishes....i hate it, but when its done, it feels good :)