Thursday, November 9, 2006

Toilet Paper Stalemate

Toilet Paper Stalemate

I hate sharing a bathroom. It is the worst thing in the world. I like the "more dorm" style from Ashland when someone else cleans the bathroom and stocks the paper. Here at Stratford we have semi private bathrooms we share with 3 other people. Four total. This wouldn't be so bad but not everyone has the same bathroom etiquette.

For Instance… I think I'm the only one that cleans. As gross as it may sound cleaning up after someone, especially a bathroom – I just cant handle it to be messy. The worst – those little water specks on the mirror. Yuck. Though I do think someone actually took two seconds and scrubbed out the pot the other day.

We have made some strides. After writing a little note on the mirror that we all do "our own share" and clean the hair out of the drain and shut the shower curtain after ourselves so we don’t start growing mold…. It has been a little better. But still -people don’t know how to focking take out the trash. Seriously. When your pad falls out because it’s so damn full - It might be time to take it out. After taking it out like 3 times in a row I put a little cartoon up. Something about it being YOUR turn. Ugh. That is so GROSS.

So what errks me the most…. Our Toilet Paper Stalemate. I contributed a TP in the beginning. Another girl contributed a TON and then we ran out. And there would be random rolls from another girl. But nothing like we contributed. So I put a not to lend some money some thing along the lines of "give -- $ and contribute to the TP fund" no such luck. I was the only one who did. So know I (and another girl) won’t leave any TP in there. I have to bring it with me EVERY time. O well. TP is expensive. And I’m not here a lot and I don’t want to pay for someone to use too much of my TP for their ass, their nose and their friends.

I think I have found out why bogging is beneficial. I can rant about STUPID crap like this. Stuff that frustrates me and no one else cares about. Ha. Except you - Reading this.


Get a life.

Haha. Jk


  1. hey erika... i agree on like everything you said. word.

    the mirror? it's all that one girl. and her stupid plugin toothbrush. the girl that needs to be voted off the island. immediately.

    [p.s] i was the one who cleaned the toilet the other day and i took out the bathroom garbage before i left for indianapolis. i'm trying to help :|

  2. I think this is the funniest blog I've read today, because I can completely relate! I did the same thing with my last roommates. The funny thing is I actually had to hide the TP (or "sh*t tickets" as we so crudely called them) because if I didn't my roommate would steal them out of my room. I think we should start a "Bathroom Etiquite" movement.

  3. When I was living a dorm, and living on the mostly guy floor, so sharing a bathroom with them, I have to walk in an half flooded bathroom(an inch of water on th floor). I was so not impress each time it happen!