Saturday, November 25, 2006

What's in Your Purse??

Do you ever wonder what's inside someone's purse? I do. All the time. Most of the time I think "Damn, that purse is huge. What the hell could she possible have in there? Breakfast Lunch and Dinner? Possibly her boyfriend?" Or other times its, "That thing is so small. Why even bother."

However, I am perfect and so is my purse. Until I dumped it out that is. No - my purse isn't huge, but the fact that I could fit all this crap in it was pretty darn amazing. It's like Mary Poppins Carpet bag.


Not 1, but 2 work name tags.

Not 1, but two Crystal Light lemonade mixes.

not one but 2, lip glosses/chapsticks

not 1, not 2, but 3 pens. Could I be more prepared for classes?

A 5 dollar bill and change not it my wallet.

My Wallet that doesn't match. (which is a whole different story - you should see the crap in there)

A lip stick case. (That Striped thing... but its full of change)

Pink eye shadow.

A hair band.

A cell phone.

My car stereo face plate.

A book. (The Man of My Dreams)

A 16.9 oz Bottle or Aquafina Water.


So ladies, am I alone in the things that I have in my purse? Do you think any of these things are weird? Gentlemen, what's in your man-purse, wallet, or pocket?


  1. Wow, you can fit an amazing amount of stuff in there. Sometimes I am amazed at how much crap fits in my pockets. Usually it's just money clip, phone, and keys. I've ditched the wallet because it just fills up with useless receipts and business cards. This morning I had quite a bit of crap - cell phone, keys, money clip, camera, camera battery charger, cell phone charger, change, fingernail clippers.

  2. Erika, ok here goes... in my purse at this moment, and I am not censoring anything as my husband sits here and witnesses the emptying:

    1. change equaling 25 cents (mostly pennies)

    2. pink Liz Claiborne billfold (doesn't match either - and like yours is another story)

    3. 8 (eight) tagamet tablets

    4. My study group assignment for Torts

    5. a candy wrapper (Nestle crunch)

    6. an empty mint wrapper

    7. a used napkin from Taco Bell

    8. a taco bell taco wrapper bag (that explains the tagamet)

    9. my carpool friend's phone number hand written on a scrap of paper

    10. lipstick with no cap

    11. lip liner

    12. lip gloss (when I found it, it was separated from its cap - they are now reunited)

    13. another lipstick

    14. yellow highliter

    15. sunglass case w/sunglases in it (wow what a novel concept)

    16. not one but two face powder compacts

    17. my daughter's grocery/drug store - not really groceries at all - list that she made for me (cotton balls, paper towels, paper plates, color ink, design paper, school snacks)

    18. a lonely little eye shadow applicator (no eyeshadow anywhere on the horizon)

    19. an empty gum wrapper

    20. a few canceled checks

    21. two gas receipts

    22. checkbook

    23. "Limited Too" receipt (from buying my daughter some item(s))

    24. book of stamps

    25. a mini binder clip

    26. My LexisNexis Welcome to Lawschool password card

    27. a comb

    28. a Starbucks giftcard envelope (the actual giftcard is on my desk at home - I'm at my mom's house - how convenient - in a different state even - go figure)

    29. oh and my purse is a medium to large Ann Taylor beige w/black trim bag with many pockets.

    Husband won't fit in my purse.

  3. Frank- is that a cell phone, charger, and or camera in your pocket.... or are you just happy to see me?

    Okay that was so bad.

    E.o.E.- Looks like you have EVERYthing you could possible need, but do not necessarily want in there. :-)

    Thanks for commenting. You guys both made me chuckle.

    The rest of you… Get to commenting ;-)

  4. well- u know whats in my 87 purses because u were there laughing at me as I went through each of them. All I am goin to say is one never knows when tabasco sauce, 2 bouncy balls and blue playdoh may come in handy! Thanks again for all of your help!

  5. You should be happy to know the wrappers, trash, napkins... are now where they should be - in the trash.

    thanks to you my purse is now organized! :)

  6. this is interesting :) my husband always asks me what i have in that purse of mine, he thinks its bulky. well, I come from the other side of teh globe but the story is all the same :) I have a cell phone, 3 sets of keys, visiting cards and other cards (many of them), a small purse for change, money, credit cards, pens, address book, lipstick, hair brush, face wash, and a lot of stuff that i dont nobody wants to know , :)

  7. I copied this idea from you.. but it might have scrolled off my page by now :)