Sunday, December 3, 2006

Be afraid be very afraid - or NOT.

So the bathroom situation still sucks.

So here's what i did.

It says "Don't Be afraid, A little cleaning wont kill you."
Does this make me a total bitch? Haha!


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  2. Okay so i'm not a total bitch. I left everything there but erased the message and sent everyone a message via face book that said

    "Hey guys,

    I put some cleaning supplies out on the bathroom counter. If you haven't taken a turn in cleaning it would be greatly appreciated. As mentioned before please remember to pick up after yourself, this includes but is not limited to; hair and soap in the drains, hair on the shower wall, shutting the shower curtains, cleaning up spilled water on the bathroom counter and taking out the trash once in a blue moon. I know these things seem trivial, but if we keep them up we will have less major cleanings to do :-)
    Also as you have probably noticed we can not seem to keep the toilet paper stocked. What do you guys think about each of us getting a 24 pack and sticking it under the sink(write ur name on it so wehn knw that you contributed). This should keep us set for a while. let me know. I'm sorry I have to do this via face book, but i never seem to see anyone to get a chance to chit chat.


  3. Hehee.. I think it's a terrific idea!

  4. yeah i thought it was a good idea too, until I remembered what happened to my car. Thank you T.H. for reminging me! :-)

  5. It's a shame that it should have to get to this, with supposedly grown up people. I feel for you Erika!

    Oh, btw, your link to the 'Bathroom situation' has one too many http:// as part of the link.

    Have a good day!

  6. I would have left the message on the mirror. I thought it was hilarious. When I was in college I was hte messy roomate, but never in thebathroom. That place is sacred!!!

  7. I think it's a shame that no one takes the time to clean up after themselves. But if you want to see a dirty bathroom, come to my plant. You'd think that some of the people that work there weren't raised by humans.