Saturday, December 9, 2006


No pretty sunsets here. I'm facing the wrong direction, and well... I think a nice sunset must include a beach or a mountain. Somrthing involving nature. I snapped this picture at about 5:10pm this evening (through my dirty window). I think its neat how I'm in the dark (or in the shadows at least) before the rest of campus.


  1. Beautiful sunset. We had a similar evening here, and its now 23:18 and the car's already covered in a thick frost-going to fetch duvet now...

    How can you be bored? Get stumbling! There's a whole world of crap for you to explore on the intarweb.

    BTW, have 'favorited' you on Technorati..we have the same rank!

  2. That's a rather lovely view you have there, in it's own little way.