Sunday, December 3, 2006

Exams Exams Go away, Come Back Another Day!

Monday Starts Exam Week for those of us at the University of Cincinnati. Don't expect many posts, as I will be TRYING to study. Problem is, I'm the worlds worst procrastinator (right now I should be studying).

Tonight will qualify as an all-nighter for Psychology of the Criminal Mind, and Lofthouse Cookies and Coke will help me through it.

What was you most hated class in highschool and or college? Ever pull an all-nighter?


  1. so i dont like any classes except for the cool ones... aka- cancelled classes hahha
    and i luv sleep so no all nighters for me! plus i dont study so that could explain a lot of things.

  2. Math math math math math math!!!

    Did I mention MATH?? :)

  3. No, no all nighters. I figured if I didn't "have it" by then...I'd never "have it" no matter how long I studied. Hence, my no degree and low paying job. *sigh*

  4. Finals and all nighters are definitely things I don't miss from college. I like the pictures BTW.

  5. Exams & qualifications a re overrated. Work hard & achieve what you want to achieve, but don't ever worry that the attainment or lack thereof, of qualifications will ever seriously affect you doing what you want to do.

    Take it easy & don't stress.

    And pass one of those cookies this way!

  6. Erika, I'm with you righ there in the thick of it.. exam week for me this week and next. I'm up all nite tonite. I was up all nite last nite! How am I thinking straight! I slept for 3 hours this afternoon. I've got the cookies too, although they're chocolate chip. I must study. I must ..

  7. I didn't like social studies in high school. I never had to pull an all nighter though. Things just came easy to me. I sometimes think I should have gone to college, but I never made up my mind on what I would study there.