Saturday, December 30, 2006

Feel Free to Ignore This Out of Character Post

I'm not going to share my own opinions on the whole USA Afghanistan/Iraq/Warish thing, and I'm not asking for yours. (I like to keep my blog environment somewhat happier and I don't want to start drama)

But anyway. I'm sure you have seen the news... Saddam being prepared for the gallows. I had a reaction that I didn't expect out of myself. I cried. Not only did I cry, I got hysterical. I don't really know why. I don't think its because of HIM, but just seeing someone preparing to die. It's sad. I'm kind of an overly emotional person. I mean -I understand its his sentence(and why) and I understand reasons for and against the death penalty. But still, it's sad. A person dying. I know he has done a lot of horrible things, but still the thought makes me cry.

Why do they put it on TV? I know people want "proof" and I know I don't have to watch it. But how can you not?

I'm feeling some VERY mixed emotions. I think I'm overly deprived of sleep.

Yikes. Feel free to ignore this out of character post.


  1. I agree... He was an awful man, but must we be required to celebrate his passing???

  2. I left another comment about this on someone else's thoughts were how empty this death it serves no purpose.

    If Hitler had been caught and killed at the end of WWII, then at least there might have been a sense of closure. With Saddam, there is no closure. The war will drag on and soldiers, civilians, children will continue to die for no reason.

  3. Reminds me of when I was little and watched "The Wizard of Oz" for the first time. When the wicked witch died, I cried. My confused mother tried to explain she was wicked, and I said, "yeah, but did she have to DIE!?" It seemed so wrong and pointless to me.


  4. We watched the news leading up to and just after his execution. It was a sombering moment. I can't tell you why everything has to be on tv.

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  6. let's not forget the thousands HE killed... i don't think he cried one tear during their brutal slayings...he's charged with crimes against humanity... HANG THE FUCKER ... oh they did! NOW I WANNA SEE IT!.. is it on YouTube yet?

    ...don't feel sorry for a sorry excuse for a human...

  7. Yes, he was an awful man who did a lot of terrible things, but do we really have to see the photos and watch the video?