Monday, December 25, 2006

Flashback Friday (yeah I know it's not friday)

I'm going to start posting "Flashbacks" on Fridays. My flashbacks may include, pictures, letters, games, toys, traditions, people.... anything that I remember about my past.


Today's flashback is a picture of me in the 4th grade. (Click here to compare to Senior year of high school)

I had Ms. Leach in the fourth grade. I hated her. She was the first teacher that made me feel stupid. It was something about spelling. She was a mean old lady who had nothing better to do than drive us poor kids crazy. I'm sure we have all had a teacher or two like that.

Anyway. Looking back at this picture I'm reminded of the dress I'm wearing. It was a skort, well, a dress/skort. not a "skirt" Anyway. I remember feeling really self conscious because I thought it was too short and revealing... look at those shoulders! When I look at this picture, and I'm sure when My mom does to.... I think about how I NEVER smiled for pictures. I think this was the year my mom said "I'm paying for pictures you better smile" So this is what she got. A half smile. I was a really shy kid.

Well that's it for today's Flashback.

I want that long hair back.


  1. ha ha! you can really tell that you'v got one of those "i'm humoring you" expressions on your face. priceless. :D

  2. Love it! And when I look at your senior pic, I can see why your mom wanted you to smile more!


  3. It's better than my 4th grade picture lol. I think its nice. Not everyone smiles for pictures anyway.

  4. It's a lovely picture Erika. I had waist length hair at one point and a haircut reformed me but whenever i look back at old photos, I wish I never cut it! :). Love the color of your hair

  5. Look how cute you were even then!

  6. Shy wasn't the word for it, lol.

    You're always beautious in my eyes ma'am...

    Taking the pics wasn't that bad, now was it? Look how much you like pictures NOW!