Wednesday, December 6, 2006

“Getting my fat a$S in shape.”

New Years Resolutions Any One?

I'm not the type to make them, and when I do, I'm not the type to keep them. I think that's why they suck.


This year however I'm going to make one (a very typical one too). Only because I have to, and I have to be successful at it! I'm going into the police academy next January (2008) and I’m WAY out of shape. So my resolution this year will be titled "Getting my fat a$S in shape." I have a whole year to complete it (Well really only 10 months because there is a pre-physical test in October). I haven't really worked out the details as far as diet and amount of exercise, I just hope to improve. I know that I need to start out slow; I'm not the same person I was in H.S. I know that I CANNOT run a mile in 7:30 anymore :-(

I will keep you posted.

Do you normally make new years resolutions? Even been successful? What are your's for next year? Is it way to early to be thinking about this?


  1. I don't. I just never got into it.

  2. Just decide to DO IT...and follow thru.

    I'll be back to being healthy with the new year too, it's easy if you just stick to it and do not waiver....EVER.


  3. You can always start it. I had the exact same goal as you're going for and ended up losing over 60 pounds. Mainly running and just watching what I ate. Good luck with it! I have a blog that post my running stuff on. it needs updated though.

  4. I never really bother with resolutions, I don't think it would work for me. If I really want something I just do it.

    Good luck with yours though! :)

  5. Resolutions? We don't need no stinking resolutions!
    And remember, rehab is for quitters.