Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gingerbread house

This is the top of our gingerbread house. I did the left and my older sister did the right. MY side IS BETTER. Don't you think :-)

The house is also sitting on a CD coffee table I made a few years ago.

I think it's amazing how much better we can all get along now that we aren't living together! Me and my sister even got eachother the same thing. With out knowing at all!

There I am concentrating. On my first ever Gingerbread House. Did you make one this year?


  1. I've only made one and it turned out good. Don't know why I never did it again. Yes, your side is far superior!

  2. Mmm, send me a piece thru the intarweb please....

  3. The fun will be in eating it lol.

  4. Almost too adorable to eat...yum!

  5. Yeah... i can't eat it. New Years resolution!