Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I Double Dog Dare You

Drop by Bone's Blog...

He has a challenge for you!

Here's my stab at it...(I am NO writer)

On one of the many streets in New York dead that night, he sat alone on the curb. Waiting for the bus he could hear the roars of the Times Square crowd in the distance. It started to snow as the bus pulled up. A one way ticket out of the town. A destination unknown. He smiled as he saw the reflection of the red stoplight in the rearview mirror.


  1. Hi Erika . . hope your studies went excellent today! thanks for the well wishes on mine. Ok on this post.. I don't get it, but I'll swing by Bone's blog and see :) take care.

  2. Bone's blog not working :-(

    When do we get part 2 of your story?

  3. If you're not writer, where'd this come from? LOL Sounded good to me. Left me wanting to read the whole story!


  4. :-) thanks guys! No part two... its a uhhh, ummm - Cliff hanger!

    Sorry about Bone not working... Here is the link again: