Friday, December 1, 2006

If I have to un-prop one more Focking door i'm going to SCREAM

"Castle" Hall #th Floor Residents,

As exam week approaches I would like to wish you all good-luck on your exams. Please remember to keep the noise level down, as many of your fellow neighbors are studying.

I would like to remind all of you that you may not, under any circumstances, prop open any exterior doors. The fee for propping doors is $50. Please remember that you are under surveillance in the building. We do live in Clifton, propping the doors open puts the safety of all residents at risk.

Also, all guests must be accompanied at all times. This too has become a problem. This includes any residents left in your room for an extended period of time. Again, I do not know how to stress the safety risks concerning this issue. I can program your name into the call box by the front door so guests can notify you upon arrival. Local cell phones and/or your room phone can be programmed into the system.

If you plan on going home over Winter Break please complete the following before you leave:

  • Take out your trash.

  • Clean out your fridge (food that will spoil), Leave your fridge plugged in.

  • Check your mail.

  • Close your blinds.

  • Un-plug plugs (leave the fridge plugged in).

  • Turn off lights.

  • Lock all doors (room AND suite).

Thank you,


  1. It'll be over soon - hopefully :)

  2. you've been tagged for a 5 Christmas songs meme :)