Saturday, December 9, 2006

Learning is too hard. It could be easier.

Sing this to "Pop Goes the Weasel''

"X equals negative B plus or minus square root of B squared minus 4 A C All over 2 A"

Congratulations, you have just sung the quadratic formula. I learned this my freshman year of high school. Now I'm in my senior year of college, haven't taken a math class in 2 years, and STILL know it.

I really think there is money in this idea. Take a song everybody knows and put some knowledge into it. Weird Al does it, but not in an educational way.

I think about this idea every time I hear a really old song to and sing the words perfectly. With all the stuff that goes on in one day and the things that have happened over the years, how do I remember all the words to that song. It's crazy how the mind works.

Don't you think it would be more beneficial to remember the things I need to know for my exam rather than the words to "Baby Got Back"?

Now I just have to think of some good examples.... any ideas?

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