Saturday, December 9, 2006

Let's All Take a Moment to Reflect.....

... I'm really not THIS weird. Honest. But this is what happens when you are locked-up. (I’m on call this weekend where I CA(like and RA)so I can't leaveeeeee and I desperately NEED to!) I think its evil to coop someone up the weekend after finals :-/

P.S. You are all very STRONGLY encouraged to post a picture of a reflection of yourself. Be creative! ... post the link to yours here!


  1. (Sending you a cake with a file in it..)

  2. Oh man do I need it :-/

  3. that's too cute.. you gotta out more.. when is your next parole hearing? :)

  4. Boy, are you bored! The sunglasses one is particularly good, you ought to find a photo competition to enter it in.

  5. Hello again!

    If you need something to do, you're it!

    Blame Skittles ;-)