Friday, December 1, 2006

A Little Ketchup With My Mustard? No Thank You.

So I was running late for work, and when I got into my car I got a huge whff of ketchup. I looked to my passenger side floor, see a fast-foodbag and think to myself, "Well that's what you get for leaving it in there Erika. Way to go!"

And then I turned on my head lights and saw...


This was done by a BOTTLE not packets. There for this (in my opinion) required some type of premeditation. Also, my car faces a wall. They had to walk around to the front of my car to do all this $hit. Though I don't know but I would figure there is some kind of significance to it being on the driver side too.

I think it was a resident who doesn't like me (only because they don't KNOW me). I tried looking back at the tapes but it was useless.


Who does this $hit? For real. UGH.

Also. It took two carwashes to get it all off.



  1. OMG.. some people can just be so stupid and mean

  2. What kind of person would get gratification by doing something as awful as this.....yikes!

  3. I hate the kind of no-brained pencil-dicked lowlife that do this kind of thing. I guess at least you can be glad it was ketchup, and not paint.

    Just remind yourself of one positive thing - you're not them, 'cos if this is all they can do for entertainment...

  4. Can I have fries with that...?

    Hope it's all cleaned up, maybe the last of the contest paint will be gone too? (That'd make a great blog entry!)

    Sorry, I'm a bit devilish today!

  5. I think it was your roomates.