Thursday, December 7, 2006


Okay MY turn to rant and be pissed off.

Don't visit this guys Blog.

I was a little worried this morning because I went to this guys blog and saw my template. Which is cool. I know it was a free one off the internet. But he even changed the top tabs into a personal message like i did (or the template they are just links or whatever). So that kinda was wierd, but whatever. and I commented about it, and he ended up changing it. So that made me feel better.

Then I went to his other blog (the one pictured) and saw the same words at the top... "Please make your mark! It is a great way to visualize all my visitors not to mention a "plug" for yourself if you include your website." Hmm I think tha's on my blog. Maybe, just maybe.

And then see in his post about bone. He so copy and pasted "bone's blog. He has a challlenge for you." Its in MY FONT. not likt he rest of his post. (this whole thing I don't care about as much as the thing on the top.)

It's like F*ing middleschool all over agian. I hate when people cheat off me. ARGGGG.

(I feel your pain now skittles, atleast he wasnt copying my content.)


  1. OMG I was so upset I couldn;t even type right.... oh wait, that's normal ;-)

  2. Rats! Is this the same guy that was bothering Skittles? Why why why..

    hey - congrats on your new goal! and your alternate blog! I should so do that. Really. and truly should do that. You might just inspire me.

    hey again - CONGRATS on finishing your exams! It feels good doesn't it?! How much longer do you have at school? Enjoy the break. take care:)

  3. Ok.. WEIRD! I just got an email from this same guy yesterday asking me how to make links show up in a different window!!

    I know what it's like to have your stuff stolen. It SUCKS big time.

  4. I noticed on further inspection, that the guy seems to have wholesale pinched posts from a number of users actually.

    I suppose on the brightside he thinks you are good enough to emulate. Only a little bonus admittedly!

  5. I've said this before & I'll say it again "write them off & leave them behind.." He's a tool 'nuff said (In fact, why not submit him to Profiles in Toolness?)

    BTW, is your copyright notice longer than it was before? Perhaps you should put it in your header & see if he copies it...