Saturday, December 16, 2006


I was running some errands today when I passed this Santa on a motorcycle. He was parked in font of an apartment complex entrance sitting on his motorcycle waving to passing cars. When I saw this and passed him, there was a huge smile on my face. I love the Christmas spirit! Something this small can make me smile. Anyway, I passed him and waved back, dropped of my videos and headed back. I was going to pass him again... this time I would take a picture with my camera phone (which as you can see... sucks). Traffic was stop and go, so I figured I could snap a quick one.

*Snap*.... I get a picture of a tree... "Oh no I'm going to miss him"

*Snap* Yey! I got him!

*BANG* What the heck was that??

Bad Santa. You caused an accident. Luckily it wasn't me (I'm SUCH a good drive i can take pictures and drive at the same time!). The car in from of me hit the car in front of them.

I then drove on to Burger King and ordered some lunch "Can I have a number 7, oh and no coke in my ice please." hahaha, boy did I feel like an idiot. My subconscious really did not want me to have that COKE. Yeah, the one I shouldn't have been ordering :-/

Here is why you shouldn't order ice in your drinks.


  1. Can I have a number 7, oh and no coke in my ice please."


    I thought I was taking a chance taking photos whilst cycling the other day....

  2. Very multi-tallented, next thing you know you'll be walking and chewing gum at the same time ;-)

    BTW that dirty ice article is disturbing