Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen DVDs I Own. (I don't Own a whole lot, so this is almost all of them)

Little Miss Sunshine *Fav

Just Friends *Fav

The Sweetest Thing *Fav

Bruce Almighty

Life or Something Like It *Fav

Million Dollar Baby

Pirates of the Caribbean

School of Rock

Chicken Little

The OC - Season 1

The OC - Season 2

The OC - Season 3


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  1. I love Bruce Almighty. The scene with the anchor gets me every time.

  2. I have well over two hundred movies on DVD+RW's compliments of DVD Shrink. Most of them are just plain awful. Now I'm in the process of copying over them. Nice list.

  3. I like some of these movies also. Good list. Happy TT. Mines up.

  4. I loved Bruce Almighty!!! Happy TT :)

  5. I could fill a few TT's with my DVD's. ;-) I love Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm not the biggest Depp-fan, but in that film he's yummy!
    My TT is about my resolutions. All the best for the new year to you and yours!

  6. I just saw Little Miss Sunshine last night for the first time and it's hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing for the last 10 minutes of the movie. Great list, but LMS is definitely the best thing on it.

  7. School of Rock is awesome. : )

    Great TT!

    Happy New Year.

  8. Thanks for the comments on my blog...I am such a knitting addict :)

  9. WOOHOO...Blog of the Day, way to go! 8^)