Thursday, December 14, 2006

Trying out the Thursday Thirteen

I wish I could afford....

A Lamborghini

A Bigger TV

A House (with swimming pool, hot tub, big yard, etc. included)

Maids/Servants (I'm so lazy)

A New Computer


A Shopping Spree

My own restaurant and or business.

A computer screen for my sister (she really needs one!)

A round trip ticket to CA to see my momma! ( I miss her!)

To get my car fixed

A trip to Australia

Expensive gifts for all my Friends and family! (just because!)

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  1. Great Thursday 13! I wouldn't have guessed it was your first!

    I want everything on that list, too, so if you get the money and want to buy dupicates, think of me. I'm sure your mom would like a visit from a Feline Empress!

    Happy TT!

  2. Welcome to TT!!!! Good job :)

  3. A good TT. Thanks for stopping by my blog.