Thursday, December 14, 2006

What Monsters Roam Your Neck Of The Woods?

I grew up in Loveland, Ohio. There we had the Loveland Frog.

What type of myths are in your town? Bigfoot? The Loch Ness?

...Do you believe??


  1. We have the Case of "Missing Finger found in Wendy's Chili". That's monster enuf for me!

  2. Missing finger [shudder]

    Loch Ness is about 90 miles away, been out on it a few times, never saw a thing...(plenty of monsters, just no things...)

  3. Nothing where I am now.. but when I lived in central Florida, it was rumored there was a BigFoot out in the national forest.

  4. The local art teacher owned a small woods she'd named Mirkwood. The Mirkwood Monster made its mark by eating her No Hunting and No Trespassing signs. The teeth marks perpetuated the story for years.

  5. While there aren't any that I know of in the town where I live, nearby we have the Fouke Monster (which was made into some movie, as I understand it) and the Gurdon Light (which can be seen by walking the train tracks in/near Gurdon, Arkansas...or so I'm told)

    Glad to hear it wasn't YOUR CAR in the accident! :-)