Wednesday, December 27, 2006


My sister is here from FL. She brought her Wii with her. It is SO fun, and you can Definitely work up a sweat! Here is my sis and Dad Boxing. how appropriate.


  1. haha thats funny. My sisters have little covers (like and Ipod) so that helps with the grip, holpefully we don't bust my Dads TV.

  2. Erika, does the wii have the ability to switch over to an analog control, or is it always necessary to wave the wands around?

  3. hmm, I'm not too sure. We were having too much fun moving them around! I will find out though... I'm sure we will play with it again tomorrow!

    It does have arrow buttons on it... so maybe.

    You also don't have to physically wave it too much. If you want you can just sit on the couch and flick your wrist. But it is fun to get into it....

  4. We didn't go for the Wii. We just got the XBox 360 a few months ago. Plus we have the PS2 also lol. It does look like fun though.

  5. OH! So who scored the TKO? I'd bet Sis did, hahahahahaha!

    Did either one figure out how to cheat yet?