Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Your Favorite Apple?

I wasn't a big apple fan.... until I worked at a fruit market, Rousters Apple House. We sold peaches, grapes, blueberries, etc. (all FRESH) But mostly apples. A variety of different apples. My favorite are the tart Granny Smith. I worked there all through high school with a couple friends, my sister, and my mom.
I stopped by to say hi and pick up a few items today...

What's your favorite apple?


  1. Whilst I'll never say no to a Pink Lady, I think the Braeburn is my current fave.

  2. By a mile, the BEST is Honey Crisp!

    Then by half a mile is Krispy Mac...

    WORST is Arkansas Black.

  3. Um.. the ones in the pie ;)

  4. I like Braeburn's but my favourite at the moment are English Russets, yum!

  5. mmmmm I like the ones in Pie too :-)

  6. I am my own favorite Apple :)