Sunday, January 28, 2007

Arts and Crafts

I've been volunteering at a local park. I love it. I used to work there so I can kind of do what I want and know where everything is.

I set up crafts in a classroom at the visitor center. We try to do recycled/nature crafts. This week we made these necklaces. The "beads" are cut up straws. We also took old magazines and made envelopes out of them. We made bookmarks too - out of scraps of foam, felt and paper from left over projects.

The kids come in, pick what they want and make a craft. Usually they do all of them. We only had 35 people Saturday, but 2 weeks before we had double! There is an indoor play place at the park. Yes, its INSIDE at a PARK. It gets cold out... so it's a good place for parents to bring their kids!

I love being creative and crafty!


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