Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Asshole Song

If you haven't heard it yet, and don't take offence to "potty words"... check out The Asshole Song


  1. Ah, Dennis Leary is a genius.... :-)

  2. Well, I don't have to listen to it to know who I would apply it to. By the way, at this point in time you are the ONLY person in the blog world I feel like talking to.

    What you did was wonderful. I know you didn't create it out of thin air. But you knew about this program and you sat there and thought of me, and typed in the words that were in your heart and mind.

    I still thank you for doing that.

  3. I've heard this song, but my comment here has nothing to do with that. You aren't to blame for what has gone on. I think it was very special what you did for Skittles. It made her soooo happy. It was someone else who spoiled it. You just keep being you :) Hey, wait a minute, maybe I could use this lol. I could dedicate this song for Bobby lol. Perhaps if could all boil down to a misunderstanding, but it still spoiled the specialness of what you did for Skittles :)

  4. I know a few guys that this song fits. LOL