Thursday, January 4, 2007

Friday Flashback

Baby Erika loved to eat.... And make a mess while doing it.

^That's chip dip rubbed all over the desk.

Aparrently I liked to do this too...

I'm Digging for gold. NOT picking my nose. ;-)

I still love to eat, I'm not as messy though. As for the nose picking, that one is long gone... I discovered the tissue back in the day. haha.

I dare you to post a baby picture of yourself! Funny ones are the best! Pleaseeeeee?


  1. Now THAT'S MY GIRL, lol.

    Gosh, they are SO cute! It was your first birthday, HAD to have chocolate iced cake!

    XO, Momma

  2. You were sooooo darn cute!!!! (You still are.)

  3. I'd have to ask my mom if she has any like this of me as a baby. I haven't seen any like it though. It's still cute.