Monday, January 22, 2007

I worked out!

I worked out before work tonight! It took some motivation, and I don't think I would have gone by myself. Thanks T.h! I did a mile of fast walking on the treadmill - 16 min and 51 seconds. For the Police Academy starting January 2007 I have to be able to run a mile and a half in like 13-14 minutes. Yikes! I have a ways to go! And the physical test for that is in October! I also did the elliptical for a FEW minutes. That thing is hard. Biked for 7 minutes too!

I'm so excited I worked out that I'm going again as soon as I get done with desk duty!

Have any of you used your gym memberships lately??


  1. fact we cancelled it!!! We were spending $70 each every month and not going, that was even crazier!

  2. Hurray for you! That's just fantastic :)

  3. I don't have one - I prefer to walk, ski, ice skate. But I have in the past when I was kid-less, and enjoyed it.

  4. I am hiking instead, but i was asked to join one today. So i might?

  5. I just joined the gym. Sometimes it's hard for me to get the motivation too, that's why I just go after work because it's on my way home. You gotta just keep doing the treadmill/elyptical. I started at just 10 min, but I was up to 30 min on the elyptical last night.

    Good job! Keep it up.