Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Last Couple Days

The last couple days have been crazy. Monday I was on-call here were I live (I'm and RA) and on top of that I was up ALL night working on Criminal Justice Statistics homework and studying for a Police Organization Management Class midterm. The two classes that are the hardest :-/ Then Tuesdays are back to back classes. Finally today was work at the daycare and babysitting right after.

I did get to make a trip to Meijer(big super-awesome store) to get some shampoo. I just haven't figured out why it took me 25 minutes to decide what kind of shampoo I wanted. And how did I end up spending 18 bucks? Thank goodness that was the only thing I had to get! :-D

I'm so sick of work and school.

There will be another post shortly.... and a FAV Icon :D

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