Thursday, January 11, 2007

Friday Flashback

Saturday mornings were filled with soccer games in our family. After every game at Phillips Park my sisters and I would BEG to stop at the whippy dip, and then pout as we passed the kids wearing solid colored shirts with numbers slapped on the back enjoying their cones.

On occasion we would stop. I would look through the glass and beg my mom or dad for that soft serve twist covered in sprinkles in a an upside down baseball cap - and we can't forget the candy eyes. Most of the time we would get a "no". We'd Settle for the "twist with sprinkles and eyes" Sometimes we would go as far to ask for "extra eyes."

Every once and a while one of us would be alone for in the car with our mom. Some how either we got her to break, or she suggested it... we'd go to the Whippy Dip drive-thru. We'd eat our ice cream on the way home. Sometimes we would stop at the elementary school if we weren't quite finished. Most of the time it was more like "hurry up and shove it in your mouth we are almost home." We weren't aloud to tell our siblings because they would get mad they didn't get to go... However it would always slip out in a fight "Well mom took meeeee to Whippy Dip. So HA." Then the other one who didn't get to go would go whine to our mom and she would "owe us one."

Great memories. I can't wait until its open for soccer season again :-D


  1. Good Ol; Whippy Dip!

    For a couple of years they carried a fruit based low-cal product like gelato called Dole-Whip. Wonder why these places can't still do something like that...I KNOW you'll only be sippin' diet cokes, right? 8^)

    Goodness....are you gonna tell ALL my motherly secrets? Mu-ha-ha!(rubbing hands together)

  2. I just like the name Whippy Dip! I used to do that with my kids though.. the hurry up before we get home thing :)

  3. You have fond memories. It is always nice to go back in time.

  4. I used to like soft serve ice cream. My sister and I would get them on special occasions. I feel spoiled now that I'm an adult lol. I just get them when I want to now.