Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sometimes Things Are Funny

During my first class, Life Course Criminology, I couldn't help but to silently snicker every time my professor said puberty. No it's not necessarily a funny word. I typically hear it pronounced pew*berr*tea. He wasn't saying it like that. It was more like POO*bur *tea. :-) cracked me up.

Off to my next class. Domestic Violence. The professor is taking attendance. Ashley Olsen is in our class. Well, not the real one. The professor starts talking and I'm not sure what he was talking about, maybe divorce? But he said "Been there, done that, got that T-Shirt." The whole class cracked up. Moments like that, sometime make the class worth sitting through.

Then to Statistics. Where nothing funny happened. Come on, its stats.

Then to Police Organization Management. Same professor who teaches Domestic Violence. he was talking about how the Government is the U.S.'s biggest consumer. He said "Imagine if the police stopped buying cruisers. Auto companies are already on the decline. Who would buy all the Crown Vic's?" He Pauses. "Well I guess all the playa's could put spinners on the wheels and then everything would be okay." the class erupted in laughter., and he said, "well isn't that what they are driving these days?"

So funny.

Nothing happened in Criminal Procedures. It was the first time we had the class. Our Professor is some big-wig judge. He said we could sit in on some cases and what not. Serious ones too. Real jury trials. I'm so excited.


  1. Sounds interesting. Makes such a difference when a teacher has a sense of humour.

  2. Makes my classes sound boring! LOL


  3. I love a hot glass of poober tea before bed each night. :)


  4. At least you get some comedic relief at class. Makes it less boring.

  5. hahaha poober tea. Nice.

    Yeah class isn't SO bad.

  6. Good luck this time around :)

  7. I think those classes sound really interesting. The Domestic Violence one, especially.

    I worked a good deal with sexual and physical abuse and had an opportunity to have a good deal of contact with domestic violence shelter. Tough stuff. Tough stuff.

    I think Criminal Procedures would be interesting too.

  8. I love the poober tea comment!
    What exactly are you studying and what do you want to be?

  9. All of my major classes were computer classes...I think my professors were lacking in the sense of humor department.

    Where do I find this poobear tea?