Sunday, January 21, 2007

This Weekend's Review

Yesterday I went to the UK(Kentucky) Basketball game with UK's biggest fan and one of my bestest friends. Sadly we watched them loose. It was fun anyway. However I am beginning to thing I'm bad luck. First the Bengals game... now this? It sucked even more that they lost because it took us 2 hours to get to the game and it was S.b.'s 22nd birthday (technically it's today).

After the game we went up to Miami University (Oxford) to celebrate her birthday with friends. It was great. I became entirely too intoxicated. Again. It was fun.

I spent the night there to avoid driving home... I awoke to a lovely covering of the white stuff. I was VERY surprised. They were only calling for an inch and there were about 3! The 40 minute drive home was kinda crappy because it was still rather early. It took a LOT more than 40 minutes too. Between 2 exits on the highway I counted 7 cars off the road. Yikes. it wasn't THAT bad. People just need to pay attention to what they are doing!

I got home and was out the door again! I went sledding with my other bestest friend T.h. I'm contemplating whether or not I should put up the funny and embarrassing snow angel making video. hmm. We'll see.

Thats me sledding down on a saucer face first on my stomach. Rockin' the old school A.D.I.D.A.S.

As for the rest of the night... I'm stayin' in and stayin' warm!


  1. Although I vastly prefer the warm weather, I have to admit that snow makes me want to go skiing.

  2. Looks like you really had fun.

  3. Me thinks you forgot the saucer alog the way! Looks like you had a good ol' time.

  4. Lol on intoxicated picture!!!!! i thought you meant you where in the UK doh!

  5. Haha. I know that picture is so funny.

    Mom, it's there... you can see it cause of my fatness and well... I have a lot of layers on!

    Chris- I hope you kidding. That thing is UGLY!!

  6. Haha. I'm still thinking about it!