Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things I saw on the sidewalk the past few days.
I got this idea from another blog. I just don't remember where.
I do to much surfing in a weeks time.
So if its you... let me know and i will link you here.

A Hearing Aide
(The inspiration for this post)

An orange bottle cap
(Sunny Delight)

Rock Salt
(to stop the non-existent snow from sticking)

Condom Wrapper
(I do live on a college campus)

A smooshed box, all the writing worn off
(I think it was a 12 can beer box)

A few dried up dead leaves.
(I miss the live ones)

Many cigarette butts
(Did you know the filters take 12 years to break down?)

A penny. Heads up.
(I was to lazy to pick it up. I figured someone else need the good luck)

(already been chewed)

Half my bagel
(I accidentally dropped it on the way to class)

A bird.
(It was still alive... just hopping along looking for food)

Another penny. Heads down
(I was to lazy to pick it up. I figured someone else need the bad luck)

A rubber band.
(For your hair)

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  2. Good list, i would have to pick the penny up!

  3. Maybe the bird found your bagel. Happy TT :)

  4. I'm glad No.4 was just a wrapper, there's nothing worse than....[shudder]

  5. There are no end of treasures, are there? I always pick up a penny if it's heads up. But if it's heads down I always flip it over and leave it for the next person. I can't help myself.

  6. Happy TT. A good list. I'm glad I haven't seen some of these things on the sidewalk though lol.