Thursday, February 1, 2007

Friday Flashback

Luckily my younger sister spends the night most Thursdays, so she can help me out with a good memory or two for these Friday Flashbacks.

This one is about Legos.

We used to play Legos for HOURS. We would fight over the green flat pieces to build our houses and help each other find a blue 2 piece. A small blue one with two "dots on top". We'd build the most ordinary and mot craziest things. Then downstairs would come dad. His engineering mind would create something spectacular and we would try to mimic it. We would then showcase our creations on top of the entertainment center in the basement.

I remember storing the Legos on a sheet in toy box set aside for Legos only. We'd pull out the sheet and spread it out when we wanted to play and then gather it up to put it away. We had the same system at our grandparents house. Except we kept them in a small toy trashcan. There was a red one and a yellow one. I believe the Legos were kept in the yellow one.

I miss Legos and being a kid. The sound of our hands scraping through the pile in search of a specific piece was the best, and something I won't forget. Not to mention playing with Legos was always a family affair.

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  1. Lego was my no.1 favourite toy as a kid. Nothing else came close.

    You're right about that sound, usually 3am on Christmas morning.....

  2. I used to love lego too, my brothers and I had many fights over who could use the last brick of whatever colour!

  3. hmmmm i'm hungry, and i like to put lego's in my mouth and chew on the shiny pieces

  4. What the heck? weirdo.

  5. What the heck is right hahaha. Legos are wonderful.. my kids had enough to fill one of the washtub sized Rubbermaid containers!