Thursday, February 15, 2007

Friday Flashback

The flashback this week is about my blanket. Around my house we each had one of these blankets, in different colors. We call them our Venezuela blankets. My mom went on a trip to Venezuela back in the day, I think for work with YFU, the student exchange program I've talked about in a previous Friday Flashback. She stayed with the family of one of our favorite exchange students when she was down there, Oscar.

While she was gone she called home to say hello, all three of us told her that Dad was knocking down the kitchen wall. Doing a little remodeling that we didn't necessarily know was going to happen, Though I think she did (right mom?).

She brought us back these blankets as a souvenir. I STILL have mine and still love it! IT is more than 12 years old... probably more. It's amazing how old things are, you don't really realize it until you think back on it...


  1.'s nice to know that I'm not the only one who has their memories scrambled like eggs.

    While you are about right on the age (actually it's 15), the remodeling story belongs in 1990 when I was in Germany.

    The blankets were purchased for $5 each, and I brought home about 6 of them. I'd like 6 more!!

  2. i still have mine!! it's on my bed right now actually! hehe

  3. That's really nice.. pretty!

  4. Old stuff is often the best stuff

  5. so it's cold as shit down here and i have my blanket on me right now watching a movie!

  6. What a great memory and story to tell!