Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hello again

I'm struggling to get the icon working. There was a time when I was good at computers. What happened?

Other than that I'm beginning to feel really stressed out for multiple reasons. I can pin point a few. But yikes. Everything at once is SO crappy :-/

I'm on-call this weekend. Which means I'm stuck here. It kind of sucks but I'm so excited to SLEEP all weekend. I plan on working out A LOT too. I hope it happens. I want to watch some of my favorite movies too (the ones I have anyway.) Just Friends. Life or Something Like It. The Sweetest Thing. and If I'm really bored OC season 1,2, and 3. :-D

A weekend devoted to ME! I cannot wait.

Super Bowl Sunday Commercials.... I CANNOT WAIT!


  1. Nearly the weekend Erika! Hang in there!

  2. Life or Something Like It... it's a good movie!