Friday, February 16, 2007

My Order is In!

I recieved my Girl Scout cookie order today. Thin Mints, my fav!

What's yours?



  1. mmmmm...the old style peanut butter ones...without all that fakey chocolate, lol.

    mmmm....thin mints...we used to freeze them and enjoy them in JULY.'s...or whatever they're called, the butter cookie...goes good with milk

    looks like it's hard to decide, so I just DON'T ORDER THEM!

    (and that's what is holding up my mover...they have to ship out all the @#$% cookies!)

  2. Mine are also thin mints after they have been in the freezer!

  3. mmm the carmel delights!! we bought 7 boxes of those and 3 of the thin mints... they were ALL gone in 5 days... :)

  4. Thin mints are my favs too.

  5. Thin mints used to be my favorite but now I love the peanut butter ones!