Monday, February 5, 2007

Slice me off a Piece of THAT

If you don't like disgusting. Don't read

Around this time last year I decided to go shopping. I went to Meijer, shopped around and decided to buy some healthy snacks. I picked my favorite apple, a Granny Smith. Mmmm peanut butter would be yummy with this I thought to myself. I searched around for the right isle and put some JIF in my cart... I passed the Oreos, couldn't resist them and put them in my cart too.

Well If I'm going to have peanut butter with my apple I better get a knife that will cut through an apple, surely plastic won't work. So I pushed my cart over to the kitchenware section and picked out a shiny black handled knife.

So when I woke up the next afternoon (yes I said afternoon). I had a few Oreos that were calling my name, then I remembered my apple. Yum! I pulled out the apple. Tore open the knife package. Held the apple in my hand and placed the knife against the green peal. Man this is a hard apple *Erika applies more force*. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!? I see something fly across the room and a red stream squirt out of the end of my finger. I reach for the paper towels and realize that the end of my finger was the thing I saw fly across the room.

I panic. I don't know what to do. I haven't really looked at it. I don't know how much is gone. I call my mom on the phone SCREAMING and CRYING. I didn't know what to do. Should I call an ambulance? How the hell am I going to get to the hospital? My mom calms me down a bit. I find a towel and the end of my finger. Its gross. A little lump of skin. I decide that it is not big enough to sew back on. How am I going to get to the hospital? I just moved in here, I don't know anyone! I throw on some dirty clothes laying around and flip flops. I walk all the way to my car in the parking garage with a beach towel around my hand crying. I hop in the car and go. I'm in the car and realize, I don't know where a hospital is. (I just moved down here. I didn't know where anything was). There is a hospital RIGHT down the street. But I don't think its a hospital I can go to. I drive all the way around the area not knowing what to do and where to go. I pass the University's Hospital, not knowing what building is actually the hospital. Finally I come across a hospitals name I recognize and think my insurance works at. I pull in and literally walk all over the place trying to find where to go in (after I drove around trying to figure out where to park). Finally at last. The Emergency Room. Which I end up sitting for FOUR HOURS. "FAST TRACK" my ass. I'm sitting there crying in pain as people who come in after me go in before me. What the heck is going on? A thug who had gotten SHOT the night before, who was in the waiting room waiting for his girlfriend to get off work starting getting pissed they weren't helping me. He went to "yell" at them twice. Apparently all the rooms where they do cuts and whatnot were filled.

So i finally get fixed up - cleaned out and bandaged up. I had to visit a hand specialist person after that.

Moral of the story. USE A CUTTING BOARD! And if you decide to cut something. DON'T cut your finger. There are a lot of nerves and feelers there! and it HURTS LIKE HELL.

The end of my finger is still numb. Always will be. :-/


... That was my LONGEST post ever. LoL


  1. Oh, I also forgot to mention. Not only did I buy all the supplies to cut of the end of my finger the night before. I also painted my nails for the occasion. lol

  2. :-0

    Truly not good....

  3. hmmm....Sharp knife + Erika = pain. Remember to keep your fingers away from the blade :)

  4. Ohhhhh I clicked to see the pictures... :(

    Poor you!!!!!

  5. Urgghh i wish i hadn't found that picture now!lol!
    I think your longest post went very well indeed!


  6. I sliced the end of my finger too a few years back, it hurt much more than I would have expected. It is now dead, I can pass a pin straight through the end without feeling a thing.

  7. Ouch, ouch, ouch, cringe, more ouch, OOoooooo!

  8. Wow! It looks really good, now!

  9. Holy crap that looks painful!

  10. Oh, you poor thing - how awful to be all alone and go through that, then wait 4 hours in emergency.

    Good story now that it's healed though!

    Skittles said not to click on the pics so of course I had to :) Congratulations for being Bestest Blog of the Day!

  11. Having done a similiar feat recently, I feel for you!
    If you have to move a heavy plant on a glass plate, move the plant first and the plate seperately. DON'T move both by picking up the glass plate and slamming them down on a hard surface, thereby breaking the plate, sending a huge shard of glass into your oh-so-vunerable middle finger!
    MAJOR nerve endings in there- OOH, OUCH.

    BTW, Skittles sent me over and congrats on bestest blog!!!

  12. GrooooooooooooooOse!

    I did something like that but mine was on my baby toe.

    I'm not sure I blogged about it. Will have to check and get back to you on that!

  13. I only found this post about my toe :(

  14. OMG!!! Wow, I think I have been living on borrowed time with all my knife cuts - wow, just wow! :-( You were definitely NOT exaggerating when you said you cut the tip of your finger off, as proved by those (*feeling faint*) pictures!