Monday, February 19, 2007

A Structured Post

An Idea from The World According to Me

Work/School: Work is okay. Babysitting seems to be getting worse. There is always some reason she doesn't need me... snow and not having enough kids to watch are some factors. But I depend on the money. I NEED to work at least 3 days a week there, and it's not always happening. (I work at an in home child care). The RA job is going good, same old same old... they maybe hiring another female RA, which means I will get to move out of the building I'm currently in. That would be ideal. I would have my own bathroom. I'll start back up at the golf place in March. I'm excited about that. I don't know why I like that job. The people I work with I guess? It's just really laid back and I enjoy it.
School... Lets just say I have two days to read a book and write a lengthy paper on it. And stats homework due the SAME day. Oh Goooooodie. I'd rather be blogging - Obviously.

Play/Entertainment: There hasn't been much, and there needs to be more. I work too much and for the past couple weeks have been on call every other weekend... not to mention going out costs $.

Friends/Family: My Mom lives in CA and that is to far away and i cannot afford to go see her and that makes me want to CRY. I will be taking a road trip with the little sis in march to go see the big sis in FL (you can hit the donate button now :-) )!

Love/Dating Life: See PREVIOUS POST

Health/Fitness: Work In progress


  1. I love this idea! can i use this format too?

  2. i'll donate! .. in a bit

    you should tell people you'll do photoshop or draw them a painting for a donation...10-20 bucks!

  3. Why not look for another day care helper job instead?

    You're so good with children, seems like your current "boss" would like to phase you out and doesn't exactly want to..or know how to go about letting you go easily. I'm sure she's feeling your earnings are slamming her bottom line (without giving you credit for all the bonuses of your abilities!)

    Love you, love your show! (bunches and bunches!)

  4. ok you got paid!

    so i left my sis $100 bucks and everyone should donate a little... because if i can do it...SO CAN YOU! and really whats 10 bucks? give a little!

  5. weee i got a blog... maybe i'll use it

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  9. She's not trying to get rid of me, she just asked me to work four days a week over the summer. Which I probably can't do anyway.... but we'll C

  10. Oooh...I had a similar problem at the daycare I worked at over the summer...not fun at all. I loved those kids to death though so leaving made me really sad.