Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Want to do Before I Die


Visit Australia

Hike the Appalachian Trail

Because I think it would be hilarious. I would have to be waisted. And I would want a video of it. And yes I would post it on here so you could all laugh at me :-)

Own a Restaurant or Bar
Basically I just want to design it.

Volunteer in a 3rd World Country
Because everyone can help. I would love to help/teach children.

Try Snowboarding
Looks fun, and I can already ski.

Scuba dive
This just is SO awesome to me.

Meet the man of my dreams
Okay so thats corny, but hey I'm not going to lie.

Learn a Foreign Language

Invent Something

I feel like I'm stuck here forever.

Think of a Thursday Thirteen for Next Week.
Okay, you got me. I couldn't think of one more thing!

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  1. #3...The whole Ap. Trail, or just bits?

    #9... Same here!

    #12... You'll get there!

  2. #3 the WHOLE thing, but probably in bits and pieces.

  3. Quite an impressive list. Certainly does make me think about what I want to accomplish before I die. Had to giggle with your #13 posting ~ I'm new to TT, just posted my second (on films) and am already WORRIED about what I'm going to post next week . . . oh well, have a great weekend, XINE

  4. Great list, I hope you accomplish them all!

    My TT is up too!

  5. Quite an adventurous and ambitious list you have there. If I know you though, I bet you'll get them all done!

  6. Hey Erika, Been a while. I was busy with my sisters wedding and also on a business trip to Africa. That list reminded me of a list I made a couple of months ago, 5 places on earth that I wanted to visit before I die. And guess what Africa was on it! So its good to have a list, and it gives you a great sense of achievement when you tick them off one by one :)

  7. Graduate: You'll get there!! I know it seems like you're stuck, but you'll make it. ;)

  8. How do you know that you will die on Friday next week ? Better don't participate on TT until you are 99 at least, lol !

  9. I'm NOT going to die that early! i'm jsut saying before I do die(whenever that may be) I want to think of a post for next week.


  10. An impressive list. Hope you manage to get them all done eventually. I want to do number three too.

  11. We will have to go to Oz together!lol! definitely going to volunteer in Africa i think. Would like to try snowboarding, sister did it last year and smack herself in the face with her board! and i want to do all the rest especially finish my counselling studies! only two years left!
    How about the TT you suggested for next week?